Point your web browser

Click on the button: Create New Account

















You will be asked to select and save the county, district and school where you work.



You will be asked to indicate your staff position.


Figure 1- 1

If you are Certificated Staff (teacher, library media specialist, etc.), you will be asked to indicate the grade levels and subject areas you teach.




Then you will be asked to complete some information about yourself.


The 4 Digit ID can be any 4 digit number you will remember: your birthday, the last four digits of your phone number, etc. However, it must be letters and numbers only, no special characters like dashes (-), slashes (/\), underscores (_), ampersands (&) or question marks (?).



The clue Question and clue Answer will be used if you forget your password. The system will ask you one of the clue questions, you provide the answer, and it then gives you your password. Select the radio button to select the clue Question you want to use.


After you have created an account for yourself the system will show you the information you have entered. This is a good page to print out, write your password on and keep for your records.


Figure 1- 2


Click on Enter into EdTech Profile to continue.


The Proficiency Assessment is an on-line, self-assessment tool that allows educators to determine their level of technology proficiency - Introductory, Intermediate, or Proficient. The self-assessment is based upon rubrics established in each area of technology competency and aligned with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) "Factors to Consider", which is the Technology Standard for a California K-12 Preliminary Teaching Credential. Based on the results of the assessment, educators can view and select training opportunities that will advance their proficiency. While the results for the individual teacher are private, charts can be displayed showing the overall level for teachers at a school site as well as within a district, county, region, or for the entire state.


After you log in to the EdTech Web site, take the Technology Proficiency Assessment by click on the My Technology Assessment Profile tab.



The categories on the survey are taken directly from the EdTech Technology Proficiency Preliminary Profile. Each category includes a group of sub-categories. If this is the first time you take the exam click on the start here button or select a sub-category to complete the survey by clicking on the answer questions button next to each title. The category chart may also be viewed from this screen by clicking on the View Chart icon.



To complete the survey, click the box next to the survey item that most accurately describes your skills. It is better to underestimate your skills, especially the first time you fill out the survey. If you are not sure, do not select an item. Once you have selected all that apply, click Record & go to Next Sub-Category to go to the next sub-category and its questions or click Record & Return to Menu to go back to the Categories list.


Estimated completion time is 45 minutes.  When you have finished you will be taken to the My Assessments/Surveys Page.  There it will show your status and completion date.  Please print this page and return to Kim Murray by the due date.  If you have any problems printing this page or with the survey please contact Kim Murray at Ext. 1277*  You will print the page by clicking on file (in the tool bar at the top of the page) and then print.