In order to successfully complete this assignment, you must answer the following questions in a word document.


1. Who was Charlemagne? Why was he such an influential ruler during his time?

2. What were the Crusades and why did they occur?

3. What was the Black Death ? How did bubonic plague spread from city to city? How many people died from Black Death in Europe from 1347 to 1352?

4. Where and when was the Magna Carta signed? Who signed it?

5. What does Magna Carta mean?

6. Name three popes who ruled from 500 through 1300. Include their real names, their dates of birth and death, and the years they served as pope.

7. Medieval law was harsh. Give some examples of the punishment criminals could expect for their crimes. Why was jail usually not an option?

8. What is feudalism? Where and when did it first evolve?


9. What do you think it would have been like to live in a medieval castle if you were a servant? Provide some details of daily life.

10. Describe the architecture of castles. What were the main rooms and include details about them.

11. Describe some of the features of castles that were incorporated into their design that helped in defending the castle. What were some of the tactics used to defend a castle?

12. What was the principal reason that castles were built during medieval times?



Answer the questions about the historical, geographical, political, and societal questions on Medieval Europe.


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