Ancient Greek City-State Research

  Click on the Parthenon at right to access the website needed to answer the following questions.  Your answers should be written in complete sentences and well-developed paragraphs.  You will be graded on both the accuracy of the information as well as the thoughtfulness of your writing.  You should work together with your group to find the information, but each group member should write their own answers!  Remember no credit will be given to answers that are just pasted from the Internet.  

Answer the following questions: 

1. What is the name of your city-state?

2. Briefly describe the people in your city-state.

3. Which god is associated with your city-state? 

4. Where is your city-state located?

Pick two of the following three:

5. What is the story behind your city-state?

6. What was the money like in your city-state? Paste a picture of your coinage.

7. What is the art or architecture like in your city-state? Include pictures in your explanation.

Answer the following questions:

8. Name three other interesting facts about your city-state.  Explain why you choose these facts.

9. On a separate piece of paper, sketch several pictures that represent your city-state and explain that representation.  Also write the name of your city-state in Greek.