Historical Fiction Newspaper Project

This Project is Due December 22nd

This project is written as if you have traveled back in time to when your historical fiction book takes place.  As a journalist living in 1692, 1775, 1793 or the 1860’s, depending upon the book, you report the news.  The requirements for this project are as follows:

  1. Lead article on the main event of the book.  This article will:
    • Include historical facts
    • Explore if the event is a crisis or not
    • Vividly describe the situation
    • Include an interview with a character or characters from the book
    • Be five to six paragraphs in length
  2. Three articles selected from the following six options:
    • Travel Article (RR#4)
    • Dear Abby letter and response (RR#5)
    • Disaster-Preparedness Manual (RR #6)
    • Obituary or Elegy
    • Editorial (RR#8)
    • Book review (will be completed 12/15)
    •  All of these articles should be a minimum of two paragraphs in length and relate to the characters and plot of the book.
  3. Creative piece (political cartoon, crossword, or word jumble)
  4. Bibliography

             50 ______

Effectively includes articles described above, creating a realistic newspaper for the time period that also connects to the book.  Articles fit the time period, book, and historical facts.   (Note: Lead article is worth twenty points and smaller articles are ten points each.) 

TECHNICAL CONTROL: MECHANICS                    15 ______

Work is neat and detailed with few or no spelling or punctuation errors.  Grammar (sentence structure, word choice, verb tense) follows the conventions of standard written English and progresses logically.

TECHNICAL CONTROL: STYLE/ QUALITY               15 ______

Work is original and demonstrates effort.  Characters’ opinions and experiences are thoughtfully and accurately relayed.  Creative piece is neat and detailed.

DESIGN                                             15 ______

Final project is designed carefully to look like an actual newspaper or newsletter.  Lay out, including creative piece, looks realistic. (Note: Include your name as part of an article or as the editor instead of using a Hall Heading.) 

BIBLIOGRAPHY                               5 ______

A complete bibliography, including the historical fiction book and all sources for the articles, is attached to the newspaper project.


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