Living in Medieval Europe

After viewing the video on life in Medieval times in Europe answer the following questions. Be sure to print your responses when finished for credit.

True or False Questions:

1 Knights were famous for their skill on horseback.
2 Most medieval people lived in cities.
3 Stained glass windows were used for religious instruction.
4 Medieval lords owned whole villages.
5 Training for Knighthood began at the age of 16.
6 Serfs were considered to be a part of a manor.
7 A Cathedral is the church of a bishop.
8 Manors were important units of land in medieval times.
9 Medieval bishops could not read or write.
10 Medieval castles utilized powerful firearms to defend against invaders.

Short Answer Questions:

Describe some of the realities of life for people who lived during the feudal age of Medieval Europe.

Describe some of the reasons why the peasant class (serfs) were unable to escape their life of poverty.