Searching The Web: An Internet Scavenger Hunt...

GOAL: To use the Internet for an information scavenger hunt!

YOUR TASK: Create a word processing document and enter a Hall Header. Using the web links below try to find answers to the questions on the left. Please number your answers, use complete sentences and save your document in your user folder on the server. Title the document scavenger hunt.



1. What is Moore's Law?

2. Who invented the transistor?

3. Who was Thomas Kuhn and what is he famous for?

4. What is a Cray computer?

5. What does the acronym HTTP refer to?

6. What is Gnutella software and what does it do?

7. What is the form of currency that is used in Poland?

8. What was Pierre Charles L'Enfant's contribution to US history?

9. What was ARPANET and what did it develop into that we use today?

10. When was Henry Thoreau born and what was his most famous book?

11. At what temperature does paper burn?

12. Who invented the cotton gin & what revolution did it start?

13. What is the city of Larkspur named after?

14. How many Russian Rubles can you get for $1?

15. What is the myth of Sisyphus?

16. What is a Blue Moon?

17. What is the distance in miles from San Francisco to New York City?

18. What is the average life expectancy at birth for a male in Brazil?

19. What event occurred on Jan 10, 1949 that forever changed music?

20. Who was Gutenberg and what did he invent?

21. Who was the "Godfather of Soul"?

22. What is the name of the downtown airport in Kansas City?

23. What does it mean when someone is "multitasking"?

24. What country is the second most populous on the planet and what is the approximate population count?

25. What is a Blu-ray disk?

26. What famous children's book author was born on March 2, 1904?

27. What movie is playing and what are the showtimes for the Lark Theatre on March 3, 2007?

28. What is the name of the National Park in Nova Scotia?

29. If you were to go the Apple Store and purchase an 8gb Red iPod Nano how much would it cost you?

30. Who discovered Pluto and in what year did he make this discovery?

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