The Day I Was Born

Investigate Your Place in History!

GOAL: To use the Internet to locate and share information about what was happening in the world on the day you were born!

YOUR TASK: Fill out the worksheet you have been given using the links listed below.


1. Just How Old are You ?

Your 1st task is to find out how old you are in DAYS.

To find out how many days have passed since your birth go to:


2. What famous event in history happened on your birthday?

Find 3 events that occured on your birthday in history by going to:



3. What does your name really mean?

Your parents probably chose your name very carefully, but do you know what your name really means?
Visit Behind the Name to find out the meaning behind your name.


4. What famous people were born on the same day as you?

Go to the Any Day in History site and find 3 famous people who were born on the same day as you.
List their name, year of birth and why they were famous.