Researching Japan




1. Japanese Facts
How big is the Japanese economy in comparison with other countries? What is the largest city in Japan? How many people live there? What is the highest point in Japan?

2. Japanese Culture
Who were the Samurai? What is Bushido? What is the distinguishing mark of a Samurai?

3. Japanese Art
Copy and paste a picture of Japanese art. Label the name of the artist if available, the period or time it was completed and the medium.

4. Japanese Gardens
When did Japanese gardening first begin? What was a shinden? What is a Zen garden?

5. Japanese Poetry  
What is Haiku? What makes it unique? Write your own Haiku.

6. Japanese Drama
What is Kabuki? When was it invented? What are onnagatta?

7. Japanese Myths
Describe one Japanese myth. Be sure to summarize the story and include the title of the myth.

8. Japanese Photos
Find a photo from Japan and paste it into your document. Briefly describe the image.

9. Japanese Heroes
Pick out an interesting Japanese Hero. What is their name and why are they considered a hero in Japan?

10. Japan History
List two major historical events that occurred during each of the following periods of Japanese history: Kamakura, Edo, Showa.


2. The Samurai


Ideas for Mini-Topics!