The World of Life Science


Seventh Grade Life Science

Grading Scale

The following scale is used to determine the letter grade:

A 100-96

A- 95-90

B+ 89-87

B   86-83

B-  82-80

C+ 79-77

C   76-73

C-  72-70

D+ 69-67

D   66-63

D-  62-60

F 59 and below

Grading Policy

Scores in the following determine the grade:

tests      35%

lab assignments 25%

quizzes 20%

journal   15%

participation, lab conduct, homework 5%

Journals are assessed at the end of each trimester. Journal entries are completed in class only.

*Homework, participation, and lab conduct are determined at the end of the trimester; this grade is based on performance in meeting behavior and academic expectations.


Welcome to 7th Grade Science

The seventh grade Life Science class is designed to provide students with hands-on activities that promote scientific literacy.


The science program is designed to allow students to participate in lab activities, conduct investigative research, and gain experience in analyzing and presenting data using the scientific method of inquiry. Units of study will include the following:


•    Cell Biology                

•    Genetics

•    Evolution                

•    Earth and Life History                    

•    Structure and Function in Living Systems

  1.    Investigations and Experimentation

Contact information:

Ms. Mihalek


Phone: (415) 927-6978 ext. 2201

Useful links:

on-line textbook





Each student is expected to:


1. Be attentive in class.

2. Make use of class time to complete assignments.

3. Bring all supplies to class (2 pens, 2 pencils, small ruler, colored pencils or markers, binder reminder).

4. Set aside time each school night for daily homework and long-term assignments.

5. Complete all homework assignments in a timely manner.

6. Check the homework website for updated information.

7. Study for tests and quizzes; review new vocabulary for spelling and definitions.

8. Handle science equipment and supplies safely and appropriately.

9. Respect others.