Tectonics & Volcanoes

Answer the following questions about volcanoes in complete sentences:

1. List the four different types of volcanic cones. Paste a picture of each type of cone into your document.

2.What type of eruptions are most commonly found with each type of volcano?

3.Describe a famous volcanic eruption. Include the date, name of the volcano and describe the effects on the local environment.

4.Where are most of the world's volcanoes located and WHY? Are most volcanoes located near the edges or near the centers of continents?

5.What signs, if any, might a volcano display before an actual eruption?

6.  Can scientists predict volcanic eruptions?

Answer the following questions about plate tectonics in complete sentences:

7.  Describe the process of subduction. What occurs frequently in subduction zones? Paste a picture that illustrates the process of subduction.

8.  Why is the sea floor spreading? How can magnetism be used to help prove this theory?

9.  Describe convection currents. What is the source of heat for these currents?

10.  What is the theory of continental drift? What evidence supports the theory that the continents were once all linked together?

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