Introduction: Prepare For Severe Weather !!

Severe weather occurs on a regular basis in different parts of our country and around the world. How do people deal with these natural phenomena? In this project, you will learn about all types of severe weather, the similarities and differences between them and what you can do if severe weather occurs in your area.


You will be working in groups of three people. Your group will randomly be assigned one of the severe weather topics. Initially, you will need to research some background information on your weather topic. Once you have completed your group research, you will be preparing a Google Presentation or Prezi on your severe weather topic. Your group will then present your severe weather topic to the class using the SmartBoard, and other presenter tools.

You can download the research question worksheet by clicking HERE.

You can click HERE to see the grading rubric.

Information Resources on Severe Weather

National Hurricane Center
Meteorological Guide to Hurricanes
Preparing for Hurricanes: FEMA
National Severe Storms Lab
State History - N.H.C.
Tropical Weather: How it Works!

National Severe Storms Lab
Tornado Project

NOAA Severe Weather Lab
Online Tornado FAQ
Tornadoes: Nature's Most Violent Storms

Thunderstorm Primer

How Stuff Works: Lightning
National Geographic

Winter Storms
All About Snow
FEMA Winter Storm Info

Severe Winter Storms Formation Basics

1997 Floods
Flood Basics: Severe Weather Lab
How Stuff Works: Floods

National Weather Service
Hail Storms
USA Today on Hail
BBC News

ThinkQuest Drought Page
USGS Desertification Site
US Drought Monitor

General Weather Information
Weather Channel's Severe Weather Readiness
WeatherUnderground: Corte Madera
Thinkquest : Weather
Red Cross Disaster Services

California Water
Marin Municipal Water District
Marin Water Usage 
Marin Watershed project 
What is a watershed? 
California Water - Government site  
California Water Association 

Water Catchment
Harvest H20 
Rainwater calculator
Rainwater Harvesting
Rooftop Gardens

Water Reduction

Water Use It Wisely 
Composting Toilets

Process Part 1: Presentation

You will create a Google presentation or a Prezi describing your type of weather. You will need to create at least one slide for each question on the research sheet, a title slide and a credits slide that includes a bibliography.

Process Part 2: Your Group Presentation

You or your group will be presenting your Google presentation or Prezi to the rest of the class. Be prepared to speak for a 5 - 10 minute block of time.



Severe weather is occurring all the time, more so in specific regions. Even California gets its share of severe weather. Knowing the types of severe weather, as well as what to do in the event that severe weather occurs in your area, will allow you to be better prepared in case of an actual natural disaster emergency.