Welcome to the Hurricane Webquest

Every year weather patterns adapt to warmer weather, and in the Southern United States this has dramatic consequences.  Part of what occurs in the Southern United States comes in the form of a weather pattern known as a hurricane.  These systems begin either in the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, and can, over time, create quite a stir to not only coastal communities, but to many other states in its path as well.  To know exactly how these systems act, we must first know how they are "born," .  A hurricane goes through its own life cycle not much different than that of a person.  To best understand this concept you will take on the task of assuming the role of the storm!   In being the hurricane, you will describe your life in detail from a first-hand account.

Your Task

You are to prepare a Power-Point presentation telling your very own hurricane story from birth to death.   You will take the role as listener, as you tell us about the ups and downs, mystery and chaos of your life as a storm system.


Step One: Answer some Questions

Step Two: Create Your Presentation