Rube Goldberg: Some Background Information

Your Task: Create a Word Document. Enter in the proper Hall Header information. Save this document in your science folder and name it Goldberg Questions. Copy and paste the questions below to your document. Use the links on the right to visit the web sites on Rube Goldberg to help you with providing some answers to the questions below.

1. Using the history and biography links, describe Rube Goldberg's early career. Be sure to include where he went to college, where his first job was, what were his duties, and after becoming dissatisfied with civil servant work what type of job did he finally begin that started his amazing career.

2. Rube Goldberg won a Pulitzer Prize in 1948. What specifically, did he win this prize for? Why was the topic of his Pulitzer prize such a hot topic of concern in 1948?

3. Rube Goldberg is famous for making the everyday tasks of routine life very complex. Rube's cartoons / inventions have been described as a commentary on life's complexities in our increasingly technological society. Describe what you think this means and provide an example.

4. Describe an invention on the official Rube Goldberg web site. Describe what it is designed to do. Provide details on how it functions.

5. Find a picture of a Rube Goldberg device on one of the Rube Goldberg web sites. Copy and paste the picture on your document. Be sure to cite the URL where you found the picture.

6. What are some suggestions you have found for building a good Rube Goldberg device?


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