Creating Your Fingerprint Charts in Excel


  • Enter your Hall Header. (Class is in cell A1. Period in cell A2. Your name in H1. The date in H2.)
  • Enter your data into the spreadsheet. Begin entering data into cell A7 for your left hand. Your data should be entered in to resemble the picture below.
  • Add a title using word art (INSERT-PICTURE-WORDART…)
  1. To make charts: select the range of cells you wish to chart. To make a chart like the one below highlight cells B9-B11. Hold down the Command Key (Apple Key) and highlight cells D9-D11.
  2. Select Insert Chart from the Menu.
  3. Chart Wizard Step One: For a chart type select Pie Chart with 3D visual effect. Click the NEXT button.
  4. Chart Wizard Step Two: For source data just click the NEXT button.
  5. Chart Wizard Step Three: Chart Options: Click on the Title tab and enter a title for your chart that corresponds to the finger you are charting. Click on the Legend tab and UNCHECK the Show Legend box. Click on the Data Labels tab and select Show Label and Percent. Click on the NEXT button.
  6. Chart Wizard Step Four: Click on the FINISH button.
  7. You will need to resize your chart to about half the original size in order to fit a chart for each finger on your sheet.
  8. Create a text box (INSERT-TEXT BOX, then draw a box and enter text) and write a short description of this science activity, describing the procedures as well as your findings and/or conclusions.