Hall Middle School Math Pages

The Warehouse Remodel Project


Congratulations! The small business you started this past year has become so successful that you now need to open a new facility. Through Craigslist you have located an old warehouse that you can rent, but it will need to be remodeled. There is a small room that adjoins the warehouse which you will use as your new office space.

Your initial remodel plans include painting each room and replacing the carpeting. You have decided to use higher quality carpet and paint in the office space. In order to determine how much this will cost, you will need to prepare a spreadsheet report.

Your Tasks

1- Create a spreadsheet document to calculate the costs of the remodel. The numbers you supply in each cell must be generated by a FORMULA. The exception to this is the contractor costs of materials. For these costs you will enter in the dollar amounts supplied to you in class. Be aware: costs are subject to change!

2- Create a 3-D drawing of the warehouse and office space. Label each space and the proper dimensions.

Notes & Tips

Paint & Carpeting
Paint will cover 350 square feet per gallon
You can purchase partial gallons of paint or yards of carpet

Excel Reminders & Tips
All formulas must start with an EQUALS symbol! =
To calculate area multiply length times width
You will have to convert square feet into square yards (/9)
Use Cell references for your cost forumlas (=C19*C6)
HIghlight Cells and select Format Cells to format for dollars or decimals