Earth Day
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An Earth Day Cyberhunt

  In this activity you will be visiting web sites to find answers to questions related to Earth Day, which occurs every year on April 22. You will need to create a Word document, enter a Hall Header, then find the answers to the following questions and enter them into you Word document. Save this document as Earth Day in your user folder.

Web Site


A. When did Earth Day start?

B. Who was responsible for getting it started?



Visit the website for the Adventures of the Garbage Gremlin and view the slide show. Once you have looked at the slide show:

A. Name FIVE recyclable items mentioned in the story that we could recycle at school.



Watch the video on paper vs. plastic, then answer these questions:

A. Which is better, paper or plastic bags?

B. What are some of the problems with using plastic bags.

C. What can you do to help with this problem?



A. What is an endangered species?

B. What are two reasons why species can become endangered?

C. List 5 birds, plants, mamals or reptiles that are threated or endangered.


Watch the "What Can You Do?" video and then answer these questions:

A. List ten different things that you can do to help make the planet a more healthy place.