Daily Life in The 13 Colonies

Your Task: To discover more about the daily life of people who lived in the original 13 colonies. Create a new blank word document and save your document in your server folder and name it "Life in the 13 Colonies". Use the links listed above to find the answers to your questions.


  1. Where was the first English settlement located in 1607?
  2. Where were the Swedish and Dutch colonies located?
  3. What were the motivations of the settlers of the New England colonies?
  4. Describe the economy of the Southern colonies.
  5. What were two primary beliefs of the colonists?
  6. Name one provision of the Intolerable acts that directly affected Boston.
  7. What book did New England colonists want their children to learn to read?
  8. Where did students in the southern colonies attend school?
  9. What was a meetinghouse?
  10. Which colonies did the Quakers live in?
  11. Was it easy or hard to grow crops in the New England colonies? Why?
  12. What was the most popular crop in the southern colonies?
  13. What types of foods did colonists who lived near the Atlantic coast eat?
  14. How could families prevent having to buy food from others in the colonies?
  15. What was another name for a park in colonial america?